"Helping You Tell Your Story"

Videography in Durango, CO, and Four Corners Area

This video was produced for Animas Laser Therapy to demonstrate how the laser works and how it can help athletes with pain due to inflammation. We filmed this in Silverton Colorado at the Iron Horse Bike Clastic. This type of video is good for those wanting to demonstrate how a product works along with voice over to explain what is happening in the video.

Safe Sister is a self-defense training organization designed to instruct women of all ages on how to keep themselves safe and what to do in the event things aren’t safe. Their mission is to give women the tools needed to be empowered when out in the vast world of ours. This video was filmed using one camera, gamble, tripod and mic.

This video is designed to showcase Elevation Custom Builders and their newest product. The use of several camera locations, 3 axis gamble, jib, microphones and several locations captured the clips to creat a buttery smooth video. This type of video is perfect for trade shows, web pages, to send to a target client or in office education in your waiting room. Check this video out to see how you can tell your story and introduce your company in an intelligent way that wont appear to salesy.

This video is a demo video of a real estate walk threw for a home located in Glacier Club just north of Durango Colorado. If you are looking for a real estate video or demo video for your company this is an example of that.

For 3 days I followed Frank and a group of photographers taking his Fall Colors Workshop, collecting video footage of the workshop and testimonials. This type of video is best used on web site education, FB, trade shows, events where you might have the opportunity to speak in front of a group and education them or any other time you want to let people know about a service you provide. A new client signed up for a workshop just minuets after the video was on Frank’s web page. These types of informational videos are great for letting people know what to expect and how you are different or better than your competitors.

This video showcases the different types of fabrication equipment employed by Holt Sheet Metal.  The video incorporates both still shots and videos to illustrate work.  Several different types of cameras were used in the making of this film, including water proof cases, pen lights, and an electric magnet complete with mechanical arm and zip ties.

This video was created to show the ease of controlling multiple televisions and several speaker locations with an app on your smart phone.  Randy Allen of Next Level demonstrates the Control 4 App on his phone in the newly opened Cavern Bar and Grill.  I used 2 cameras to video Randy and the bar.  One camera was on a rolling dolly and the other on a 3 Axis Gimble allowing for smother movement of the camera panning from one side of the bar to the other as well as gliding around the bar and following Randy.

This video incorporated testimonials, along with video inside & outside of the car wash and vehicles, music and special sound effects & professional photos.  We assisted in writing the lines for the spokesperson.

This is a video that was created to demonstrate how Rocky Top Painting & Construction worked with Custom Window Coverings to accomplish a difficult task. The workers built a plank that stretched the span between pillars so they could work safely 70ft in the air. Several different types of cameras were used in the making of this video, the sound track was specially designed and digitally mastered to enhance the movement of the equipment showcased in the video. Time lapse video was used to show the progress of the project without the video taking too long to watch.

Top Source Talent is a talent acquisition company located in Southwestern Colorado. This video was created for them to send out to government agencies to let them know the certifications they hold and how they can contact them.

This video demonstrates a typical Branding Video style. Most Branding Videos are between 60 sec – 120 secs., they enable the business owner to introduce themselves to their potential clients better than a headshot and words. This way when the client meets you face to face they feel that they know you and trust you. The Branding Video can be used to introduce yourself on your web page, FB page, TV, and add at the Movie Theater, an add on YouTube, Instagram or any other place that can show videos. No need to be afraid that you don’t have what it takes to speak in front of the camera, we have several ways to make you feel at ease and come across as the professional you are.

This film was created for Jim Gossage to introduce his board game, Probability CI, to Scape for acceptance into their program. Jim wanted to create a video that would gain the interest of a family that loves spending time together, using his board game to educate their high school students and having fun! This film was more creative intuition than fancy gear. Jim was a big part of the creativity behind the scenes, using a more run and gun tactic.

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with Angie on this project. Her willingness to explore “outside the lines” and her attention to detail was special indeed. The goal was to create a “one of a kind” engaging artistic presentation — Angie made it happen”
– James Gossage

This is the first of several short tutorial films produced for D.P. Performance. Dwayne Perry, CEO of D.P. Performance, is a personal strength and flexibility coach, his focus is helping you to achieve your physical fitness goals. Dwayne Perry specializes in training athletes of all ages. Our goal in the production of the videos was not to use lots of camera tricks, just to educate you in an entertaining way.


“I was struggling to make my videos stand on my own. Angie took the quality and presentation to a whole new level. Her skills provide the spark I need to go from good to great! I recommend Angie to anyone looking for professional video guidance and services.”

– Dwayne Perry